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Joylent: Day 1

Last night I remembered I had an incredible supply of Soylent/Joytlent

No big deal–it expires in March 2016. “I will do it as a new year’s resolution,” I told myself.

Casually looking to my Joylent, to see if it shares the Soylent expiration (I ordered week or so apart)…. THE JOYLENT EXPIRES IN OCTOBER According to the Joylent website, it has a six month shelf life. Now, does this mean six months after I receive it, six months after it is made in the factory, or six months after I mix it up (Ew).


A small segment of my Joylent.

I do not waste. Wasting infuriates me. I keep objects for all of time–it is a problem. I will eat your leftovers, nasty, I know. I just become so flustered by the unnecessary act of wasting.

In a state of panic and desperation, I mixed up a pitcher of Joylent at around 9PM last night . Now, because of the impending or already occurred expiration of my...

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Pastimes–Freelance Flyer

Looking for jobs is one of my favorite pastimes. Really though, I find it incredibly relaxing and at times, exhilarating. In a given day I will check indeed, snagajob, scv jobs, craigslist, linkedin, monster, zip recruiter, jobbatical, weworkremotely,simplyhired, and a handful of employer-internal sites looking at you

I do not need a job; nor do I want a new job. I rather enjoy my current job and I have no intent of accepting a new job. It is really silly actually, to look. The human brain craves new information. I am a dreamer, an optimist, and one who considers himself to have decent foresight. Perhaps that is why I look? It remains a mystery, for now.

During this morning’s coffee time, a time which I regularly use as time to get my job-searches in, a wild career advertisement appeared! It was a particularly peculiar career opening. The composition and diction of the...

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Prelude: Break Time Babbling

Hello kinsmen. I feel as though it has been a fortnight since I have had the pleasure of making your acquaintance. Let us get back on the path to camaraderie. Allow us to rekindle the flame of familiarity. Why don’t we wipe the dust from our looking glass of relations. Together we’ll peel back the layers from our onion of mutual trust. okay one more Today we reincarnate our forgotten friendship.

For reals though; it has been a while. I will save you the soapbox episode and get to it. There will be no rhyme nor reason to this blog and that is just the way I like it. The goal here is to under promise and over deliver.

I propose a new series: Break Time Babbling. In which, I will babble, much like I am doing now, on my break time. Not every break time–heck, it might not even be most break times; however, some break times… I will babble.

It is my time, my space, and my choice: sucks to...

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5/10/2015 Weight Loss Update

Drum roll please.

We are all moving along on our individual transformations and as a unit, we have lost some serious lbs. Click the image below, then click it once more to open in a new window–it shall yield a better quality image (easier on my elderly eyeballs).


Feast your eyes on the results above. Not your guts–fatty. Seriously though, do not feast literally… except maybe on celery; your boy heard that magic succulent leafstalk makes the blubber melt away.

Perhaps that is Lil Puppet’s secret? Meh, maybe not.

Lil Puppet is objectively crushing the competition; not crushing as he or she is losing weight and, well, heavier objects crushing things. The mass multiplied by the square root of the cellula…. okay, See physics

Go Lil Puppet Go!


One mission at a time y'all. I will resume the witty Soylent progress in a while. Insert excuses here ________.

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Weight-Loss Weigh-In

Quick update on the most intense challenge since the Real World/Road Rules Challenge of the days of yore.

The results are in and Double Cheese Burger is down 10 lbs. That is impressive. Oprah Winfrey, in true character form, has gained weight. Sorry Oprah fans.These weights are for Sunday (I know it is now Wednesday) but the life of an admin is a busy one. We are approaching the half-way point and it is still too difficult to wager on a single winner. Anything can happen at this point.


Soylent update on the horizon.

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Soylent (and weight-loss) Week One

DISCLAIMER:This post was filled with much bowel-talk; sad truth is, so was my week.

The results are in and they are staggering. Click on the image, then click once more, it will open into a separate window in high-quality. A single click will yield a lower quality and difficult to decipher image. Notice the “0” for Goal–not every person sent in his or her target weight. The spreadsheet is built to calculate progress-to-goal. It might be populated next week, it also might not.


A security measure was taken to help maintain integrity of the weight-loss data. All participants send their weigh-in statistics to a member of the weight-loss challenge. That member then sends to results to me under pseudonyms. I then enter the data into a spreadsheet under said pseudonyms. The measurements will be assessed by percentage of body weight lost. This helps to level the playing field.


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My Ace in the Hole

“Thus matters went on until four cards lay in front of each man, face up and one turned down. Not a pair in sight and everyone thought each man had an ace ‘in the hole’.” -The New Era, June 1886

He trekked across the great plains of the area rug. Traversed the savanna of the living room; the horizon line, warmly cast by the led-light of microwave clock, was all he had to guide him. His Polaris, his North Star. Stumbling over impossible obstacles (coffee tables), evading ravenous predators (his cat), and navigating endless canals (the hallway), he knew he could not quit now. Finally, twenty-three feet later, out of breath, and twenty-three feet more a hardened traveler, he made it to the refrigerator and ate an entire pizza.

My nights have carried on like that for some time. Although, I do not own a cat, the moral of the story rings mostly true. When the most exhilarating part of my...

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curiousconnor is…

I am a fiancé, Corporate Sales Analyst, leader, and student; however, my role as a business professional takes a backseat to my passion for learning and exploring.

Learning (discovering, exploring, experiencing) is my favorite activity and I have the blessing of being a student in the classroom, dojo, world, and work-place. The planet Earth has been an oasis of knowledge and experience at which I have absorbed concepts, theories, and practices. I have been fortunate enough to be able to implement and refine these teachings both in the work-place, the classroom, and the internet.

My drive to learn has long been coupled with my desire to diversify–this has lead me down the rabbit-hole of obsessive exploration more than I would like to admit. I have had a taste of the culinary, fitness, accounting, communications, and non-profit industries. I trekked down the path of road-cycling...

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